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Why Gary Platt Hospitality?

Our exclusive luxury Pluxe-foam upgrade is our secret sauce. The most comfortable sit. Plus it’s been shown to last over 20 years in the 24/7 use on the casino floor. It’s longevity can best be described as Practically Sustainable. We’ve tooled this incredibly comfortable, long-lasting foam into molded shapes that fit our Hospitality chairs, making our Hospitality chairs, with our luxury Platt-foam upgrade, the most comfortable, longest lasting Hospitality chairs in the market.


Soraya Flex Stacker

Soraya Flex




When we started thinking about updating our slot floor's chairs, Gary Platt was the only name that came to mind, and we couldn't be happier. Our chairs came out exactly the way we wanted, and our guest love them Thank you, Gary Platt.
Kyle Sullivan, Operations Manager